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News Detail

Title : Rolling Trophy in the Inter School Competition

"A little progress everyday adds up to big results."

We're extremely proud to announce that our students exhibited impeccable performances in the Inter-School competition held at St. Margaret Senior Secondary School Event Saturnalia 2023. We have been awarded a Rolling Trophy after soaring high and winning the maximum awards in all the categories. This is the result of endurance and sheer determination of our mentors and students.

We feel immensely delighted to announce that our students were awarded with prestigious prizes.

• Event Name - Millet Minstrels {Music}: I Position

➢ Anav Jindal-VII B and Lavish-VII C

Teacher Incharge: Ms. Deepshikha

• Event Name - Uttam Anaaj: I Position

➢ Adhya Tripathi - X B and Anurag Pandey X A

Teacher Incharge: Ms. Jyoti Verma and Ms. Sonia

• Event Name - Bringing back Millets: I position

➢ Aastha Chamoli and Chaarvi ( VIII

Teacher Incharge : Ms. Apoorva and Ms .Shweta Bansal

• Event Name - Infomilletic (Computer): III Position

➢ Shivash Gupta XB

Teacher Incharge : Ms. Soni Batra

• Event Name - Milletnama ( Brochure Designing): III Position

➢ Mansi and Kanika Mittal - XII

Teacher Incharge: Ms. Vidhi and Ms. Shilpa

• Event Name - Millets -Eco-nomy( Collage making): III Position

➢ Naitik and Shrishti Prajapati IX A

Teacher Incharge - Ms. Vidhi


| Posted By : De Indian Public School | Date : 02 May 2023