Bulletin Board Detail

Bulletin Board Detail

Title : Teacher's Day Celebration

"They inspire you, they entertain you,

And you end up learning a ton, even when you don't know it. "

                                 - Nicholas Sparks

 **Teachers' Day Celebration at School* 

The day started with an exciting and energetic Basketball match between the Laborious Teachers (the teachers' team) and the Zealous Learners (the students' team). An air of cheers and joys was breathed by all spectators witnessing the match. The match was won by the team Zealous Learners giving a tough challenge to the team Laborious Teachers. The team was awarded with the gold medals by the Hon'ble Managing Director of the school, Mr. Sanjeev Gupta in the presence of respected Principal Mam, Ms. Seema Awasthi and PTA members. 

The second phase of the programme included a phenomenal cultural programme which began with a jazzy orchestra performance by the students. It was followed by an electrifying dance performance by the teachers. Another exclusive classical dance performance was presented by the mothers of our beloved children, offering a tribute to the most respected teachers - 'the builders of the young minds'. The teachers from the Montessori wing also presented an enchanting rhyme dramatization deeply enjoyed by the all the students and the teachers. The teachers who have completed five years of their dedicated service to the school were also honoured and awarded by the Honourable Chairman of the school, Sh. H. R. Gupta. Sir also enlightened all the students and fecilitators with his ever inspiring words and guided all towards the path of brilliance. The students also presented a humorous and sarcastic skit presenting a striking contrast between the school life and the college life. A unique and splendid dance performance by the respected Principal Mam and the Academic Heads was the exquisite highlight of the entire show. The programme was concluded with a special performance by the school choir paying their reverence to their beloved teachers. Also an astonishing musical performance by the Hon'ble Director Sir, Mr. Sanjeev Gupta thrilled the hearts of all. The day was heartily cherished by all the students and staff members.


Posted By : De Indian Public School | Date : 06 Sep 2019