Bulletin Board Detail

Bulletin Board Detail

Title : Message from Class Teacher

Dear Parents ????‍????‍????‍????
With the entire nation being in the lockdown mode to control the spread of coronavirus pandemic, kids might become restless at home. As we all know children ???? ???? have boundless energy that needs space to flow, why not indulge our kids to do some household chores? So, we have come up with the quarantine activity of the day i.e. *Dusting at home* ???? ???? 
These early experiences can help to instill positive habits amongst kids for healthy living for many years to come.  
Do help your child in dusting  their favourite book, toys, room or corner of the house today and guide them with the importance of maintaining cleanliness at home.

Looking forward to receive the lovely pictures by 2 pm. ?? Kindly send only two pictures.

Class Teacher

Posted By : De Indian Public School | Date : 26 Mar 2020