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Bulletin Board Detail

Bulletin Board Detail

Title : Cyber Jaagrookta Diwas

*Cyber Jaagrookta Diwas*

The Ministry of Home Affairs has implemented a scheme called ‘Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (I4C)’ to deal with cyber-crimes in a coordinated and comprehensive manner. The Ministry has also developed a ‘National Cybercrime Reporting Portal’ for the ease of filing of complaints relating to cyber crimes by citizens on ‘anywhere, anytime’ basis.

It is felt that there is a dire need to increase ‘cyber hygiene’ for prevention of cybercrimes by inculcating habits of taking basic care of ICT devices at regular intervals.

Therefore, ‘Cyber Jaagrookta (Awareness) Diwas’ is celebrated every month in all the schools.

So in accordance with the above initiative by CBSE, an informative workshop on Cyber Security was conducted for the students of Classes IX and X where students were made aware of various cyber threats and what preventive measures can be adopted to keep ourselves safe from cyber crime.

Each student will now act as cyber warrior/ brand ambassador for prevention of cyber crimes.






Posted By : De Indian Public School | Date : 24 Nov 2021