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News Detail

Title : Interactive Workshop - Gift a Home

' All wildlife have the same right to be on the earth as we do. It's our responsibility to make sure that they remain here'.  - Anonymous

We cannot imagine a world without birds. The benefit birds bring us aren't just cultural. Birds play an essential role in the functioning of the world's ecosystem in a way that directly impacts human health, economy and food production.

To keep this in mind an interactive workshop 'Gift a Home' was conducted by the Sparrow man of India ' Mr. Rakesh Khatri'. Students of De Indian Public School, Adhya of class IX B and Ayan of class VIII B along with attended this workshop and learnt the activity of nest making for birds. Through this activity, they understood how birds build their homes with lot of hardwork and determination. It also introduced them to the wider connection with nature and being sensitive to birds and animals. An appreciation certificate was awarded to the school for active participation of students in this noble act.

The session was followed by ‘Question- Answer round’. It enlivened the mood and enabled the children to think beyond the horizons.






| Posted By : De Indian Public School | Date : 22 Apr 2022