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News Detail

Title : Story Dramatization Competition

*“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today." --Robert McKee*

A story is a song of life that makes it sound more fascinating and melodious. Weaving all the events together and presenting it in a plot is an art itself. What makes it more impactful is the way one visualizes it. This visualization is only possible with the correct combination of narration and dramatization. Keeping this in consideration, an Inter class *Story Dramatization* competition for *classes I and II* was organized. All the students confidently presented a particular story having various characters and narrators in it. Students surprised everyone with their acting, expressions, dialogue delivery and dazzling costumes. The rigorous efforts of the teachers, students and parents were commendable.

As the school firmly believes in having a healthy and fair competition; it was judged by the teachers of different departments.

The *Winners* of the competition were as follows:

*Class I*

I Position- Class I-A (Hollyhock)

Mentor: Ms. Tanya Gupta

II Position - Class I C (Bluebell)

Mentor: Ms. Meenal

*Class II*

I Position- Class II-A (Tulip)

Mentor: Ms. Rati Negi

II Position- Class II-B (Pansy)

Mentor: Ms. Riyanka Jain

*Heartiest congratulations to all the position holders, their worthy parents and the dynamic Mentors.*

| Posted By : De Indian Public School | Date : 02 Oct 2022