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May Jesus Give you all kind of happiness and brights future. I wish this celebration continue with next year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Assembly Themes

Assembly Themes

Assemblies are a medium to enlighten the young minds and channelize the thoughts, feelings and expressions into an ideal direction. They help to imbibe within the students the values and morals necessary to lead a balanced and disciplined human life. Various performances in the school assemblies motivate the visual and audio skills thus laying a deep impact on the psychology of young learners.

The school has designed the morning assemblies with a view to ensure 100% participation giving an exposure to each and every child to showcase his/her innate abilities and to nurture their talent and skills. Parents are also invited to witness the performance of their child in person. It encourages the students to perform to the best of their abilities.

May 3, 2023 II A Plastic is not Fantastic
May 10, 2023 II B A stitch in time savesnine
May 12, 2023 II C International Dayof Families
July 24, 2023 I A Hard workis the key to success
July 26, 2023 I B Read to Lead
July 28, 2023 I C International Tiger"s Day
July 31, 2023 I D International Dayof Friendship
Aug 2, 2023 PS A Healthy mindresides in a healthy body.
Aug 4, 2023 PS B Happiness springsfrom helping others
Aug 9, 2023 PS C Plants - Our GreenFriends
Feb 2, 2023 PP A Sharing is Caring - Be Generous
Feb 7, 2023 PP B Animals are better than human beings as their love
for humans is genuine
Feb 9, 2023 PP C Honesty is the best policy
April 8, 2023 IV A United Nation"s - World Health Day
April 21,2023 IV B Cleanliness and Sanitation - Live life cleaner-
Make Earth Greener
April 24,2023 IV C Oral Health - Healthier gums, stronger teeth
April 26,2023 V A Vaccination andprevention from disease - Don't
hesitate - Vaccinate
April 28,2023 V B World Day for safety and health at work
May 1, 2023 V C Labour's Day
Aug 7, 2023 III A Laughing is, and will always be, the best form of therapy.
Aug 11, 2023 III B Immune System Awareness - Be wise, immunize!
Aug 18, 2023 III C Positive Attitude, Positive Habits - Life hasgot all
those twists and turns.
April 20,2023 X A World Earth Day - Healthy Ecosystem Promotes
Healthy Life
April 27,2023 X B International Dance Day - Dancing - a fantastic
form of being healthy
May 2, 2023 XII A "Get away with your steps & Give way to
happiness." - Mental Wellness
May 9, 2023 XII B International Yoga Day - Yoga - a golden key to
unlock the doorto Peace, Tranquility & Joy.
July 18, 2023 XI A Less PhoneTime, More "Me" Time – Detox Social
July 27, 2023 VI A World's NatureConservation Day - Nature is the
best healer.
Aug 1, 2023 VI B Eat Right to makefuture bright - Balanced Diet
Aug 3, 2023 VII A Physical wellness is the Greatest Health
Aug 8, 2023 IX A Discovering a senseof purpose and meaning of life - Spiritual Wellness
Aug 24, 2023 VIII B National Sports Day - Sports is a preserverof health
Sept 17, 2023 VII B World Cleanliness Day - Cleanliness is thefirst law of wellness
Oct 5, 2023 IX B Social Wellness is achieved by - Adjustment,
Tolerance & Sacrifice
Oct 17, 2023 XI B National Ayurveda Day - Ayurveda is thescience of life
Oct 31,2023 VIII A National Unity Day - Togetherness leads to harmony, harmony leads to peace.
  VIII C Caring for the mindis as crucial as caringfor the body - Mental Wellness