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Assembly Themes

Assembly Themes

Assemblies are a medium to enlighten the young minds and channelize the thoughts, feelings and expressions into an ideal direction. They help to imbibe within the students the values and morals necessary to lead a balanced and disciplined human life. Various performances in the school assemblies motivate the visual and audio skills thus laying a deep impact on the psychology of young learners.

The school has designed the morning assemblies with a view to ensure 100% participation giving an exposure to each and every child to showcase his/her innate abilities and to nurture their talent and skills. Parents are also invited to witness the performance of their child in person. It encourages the students to perform to the best of their abilities.

Classes (PS - II)
Month Date Class Theme
  06.05.20 II B Bhule Bisre Khel
  08.05.20 II A Play more, Live more and Go outdoor
  11.05.20 I A Hockey - National Game, Nation’s Pride
  14.05.20 I B The journey from game of gentlemen to game of everyone
  22.07.20 II C Yog-Yog ka naara hai, Bhavishya ab hamara hai.
  24.07.20 II D Indoor games -  Explore the gamer inside
  27.07.20 I D Sports-All Round Development
  05.08.20 I C Olympics – Set out to do your absolute best
  07.08.20 PS - II Janmashtami
  17.08.20 PP A Learning through Kinesthetic Intelligence
  04.09.20 PS - II Teacher’s Day
  09.09.20 PP B The legendary Indian Sports heroes
  14.09.20 PP C Going beyond the boundaries – International Sports heroes
  16.09.20 PP D The balance between Sports and Academics in students’ life.
  11.11.20 PS-II Diwali
  23.12.20 PS-II Christmas
  08.02.21 PS A Sports – Play like a champion everyday
  12.02.21 PS B A fit mind grows in a fit body
  17.02.21 PS C Fitness can be locked with morning walk
Classes (III – XII)
Month Date Class Theme
  07.04.20 X World Health Day
  13.04.20 XII Ambedkar Jayanti
  21.04.20 IV B Earth Day
  23.04.20 VIII A Magnum Sport-Weight Lifting and Shot Put
  28.04.20 IV A Gully Games-Rassikud, Stapu, Poshampa, Pakda-Pakdi,
Chor Sipahi, Kho-Kho
  01.05.20 Discipline House Labour Day
  21.07.20 III A Game of Strength and Vigour-Kabbadi, Rugby
  23.07.20 IV C Kick and Shoot - Football, Volleyball
  28.07.20 VI A The National  game of India-Hockey
  4.08.20 III B Indoor Sports - Ludo, Carrom, Chess, Snakes and Ladders, Ashtapadd
  11.08.20 Perseverance House Janmashtmi
  18.08.20 VII A The Universal Game-Cricket
  14.08.20 Success House Independence Day
  25.08.20 VI B Promoting Fit India Movement-Yoga
  04.09.20 Discipline House Teacher’s Day
  01.10.20 Intelligence House Gandhi Jayanti
  06.10.20 XI Dribble,Pass, Shoot-Basketball
  08.10.20 V A Gully Games-Lukka-Chippi, Laltu, Dog and Bone, Rumal Choli, Pitto, Malkamhamba
  15.10.20 IX A Coordination and Stress Busters - Badminton, Squash, Bowling
  20.10.20 V B Strengthen Your Agility - Gymnastic and Acrobatics
  22.10.20 Perseverance House Dussehra Assembly
  03.11.20 III C Game of Measuring Yards - Archery, Javelin, Dart game
  05.11.20 IX B National Education Day
  12.11.20 Success House Diwali
  19.11.20 Intelligence House Children’s Day
  27.11.20 Discipline House Gurupurab
  15.12.20 VIII B Glide on Wheels - Skating, Ice Skating/Para Olympic Games
  17.12.20 V C Swing the Racket and Sway the Ball-Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis
  19.01.21 VII B Game of Martial Arts-Taekwondo, Karate, Judo
  21.01.21 III D The Aqua adventures - Swimming, Scuba Diving, Shorkling
  25.01.21 Perseverance House Republic Day
  29.01.21 Success House Basant Panchmi