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International Policy

International Policy


The management and the staff recognize that global issues are an important part of the lives of our students living in a world where economies are increasingly interdependent and global communication is a daily reality. The school has always promoted and valued an International dimension in the school curriculum for the wider experience for its students.


The school has a vital role in preparing children for international citizenship. The promotion of the international dimension in all aspects of the curriculum will assist in removing barriers between cultures, encourage openness and positive communication between individuals and groups.


The aim of the school is to:-

  • Raise awareness and celebrate the cultural diversity throughout the world.
  • Bring the world into our classrooms.
  • Foster tolerance and understanding.
  • To focus students' minds on 'major issues' such as poverty, racism, religion, human rights.
  • Foster contacts with the world.
  • Produce students who are excited by the prospect of meeting people from other parts of the world, learning about other cultures and taking part in foreign visits.
  • Change student's perception, knowledge and understanding so that they become a citizen of the whole planet rather than of a single city.
  • The global dimension should be reflected in the attitudes, behaviour and values of our students.


In order to achieve our aims we will:-

  • Celebrate our rich culture and ethnic diversity already present within our school and its community.
  • Help students to understand issues of human rights and to develop a sense of social justice.
  • Provide experiences using a variety of media, which facilitate understanding of current developments, including magazines, newspapers, videos, internet etc.
  • Raise awareness of how the world is changing economically, culturally and technologically and to foster a great sense of interdependency.
  • Ensure that international dimension is embedded in the whole school curriculum.
  • Commitment to gender and racial equality.
  • Plan programmes and lessons that students have the opportunity to discuss, develop and engage with international issues on regular basis.
  • Establish school programmes and visits to the schools outside the country.
  • Foster a positive attitude towards people from other countries and cultures.
  • Set up International events and celebrate various 'International Days'.
  • Develop visits, contacts, events with Business partners.
  • Help all subject areas within the school to benefit from International links and include International activities in their planning.
  • Involve parents in celebratory events, exchanges, visits sharing their adult expertise and experience.
  • Achieve the international school award.


As a result of implementing this policy we would expect that our students

  • Respect, accept, understand and show a positive attitude towards different cultures, people, countries and lifestyles.
  • Are willing to engage with other people in their own language.
  • See themselves as citizens of a world which is wider than their immediate place of residence.
  • Will make significant contacts with other countries and cultures.
  • Will have a rich 'international experience' in every subject they study.
  • De Indian Public school becomes the centre of reference and excellence and enriches its identity.